What Clients Say

  • "When I first met Lynn I had no idea how much of a gift she was going to be. Today I can honestly say that without her expertise and heart much of what I am about personally and who we are at Capturing Courage Int'l would be in far different shape. She has overseen all our budgeting and forecasting, all our record keeping and continues to track alongside us our growth and financial forward movement. Our confidence in making strategic decisions is increased in the simple fact that she is on team. I highly recommend her."

    Cyndy Lavoie, Founding Director at Capturing Courage International

  • Small business has many challenges, one of which is being competent at all aspects of your business – not always an easy task. Lynn has been a great asset to our business as a twice yearly financial management consultant since 2002, assisting us with organizational and financial matters.  The experience Lynn brings to our business Is invaluable.  She helps with year end requirements then uses the information to develop a plan for the following year. We feel confident and comfortable with her professional leadership.  Her insight is useful in identifying strengths within our business so we can implement changes where necessary and move forward with confidence.

    Cheryl Jamieson, R.Jamieson Steel Ltd.

  • Lynn brings a remarkable amount of experience to her clientele.  With training in technology, management systems, human resources, financial management and strategy, Lynn is equipped to deal with any challenges that her clients face.  I had the pleasure of retaining and employing Lynn over a period of 8 years and she excelled at assisting with re-organization and managing change.  She enjoys “the process” of analyzing what changes are needed in an organization and being charged with implementing those changes.  She worked well on a team, she was respected and trusted.  I am delighted to recommend Lynn to any business owner who needs a strategist and a very capable set of hands to deliver results.

    Marc Telio

  • I met Lynn on a volunteer board we both were directors on.  Lynn quickly assumed a leadership position through her actions.  Lynn was quick to volunteer to tackle issues.  Her focus and bottom line approach to the issues lead to strong action plans, which were implemented and followed to conclusion.  These skills which were demonstrated in a volunteer environment naturally follow through to Lynn's career.  I have also had the pleasure of working with Lynn in the corporate world, and have no hesitation in recommending her. Her vision and ability to get to the issues at hand are skills which shine through in everything she does

    Brian Moist, CMA

  • You have been a pivotal person in my growth. You gave me the support I needed at a very, very crucial time. The 1st few years at my company, I felt I was in the dark on many things and when you offered to assist me with looking at numbers and charts of sales, I felt like I was finally seen and heard.You were always a team member that offered gentle support and guidance in a way that meant something to me.  Offering your suggestions and hints on my programs, was invaluable to me.  You were an advocate on so many levels for the team. I so looked forward to your visits knowing, you always brought your knowledge and gentleness to the office.

    Judith Root

  • "Lynn came highly recommended when we changed our accounting package to AccountEdge.  We were so impressed that we have continued to use Lynn as a controller and consultant. We were impressed with not only her knowledge of AccountEdge, but also her approach to our business.   She has helped us develop and implement a plan that enables us to manage our business in a more effective manner.  Some of the differences we found between her and other companies are; she is genuinely interested in helping us succeed, she listens to our needs/requirements and is able to explain things in an easy to understand manner." 

    Yvonne Blaauw