Lynn M. Matson

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Lynn brings an experienced eye and broad-based expertise to identify, assess and solve business problems. Her 25 years of experience in business and financial management, has given her extensive knowledge of business processes as well as financial information systems.  She understands ‘the bigger picture’ and shows her clients what they can do to improve their business and make more informed business decisions.

Lynn’s work experience includes working in the finance and accounting departments in a variety of industries.  From 1995 to 2000 Lynn was self-employeed as a MYOB Consultant with Dick Hope & Associates of the FreshInsight Consulting Group.  From 2000 to 2011 Lynn continued to support her AccountEdge (formerly MYOB) clients in Canada, and held full-time positions such as operations manager for a company servicing the special event, display and construction industry.  Additionally, she held the position as Controller for a company servicing the luxury travel industry for Canada & Alaska.

Beyond the technical skills is Lynn’s heart and ability to connect and empower those she works alongside. Passionate about people owning their financial savvy she is coach, mentor, and consultant drawing out confidence and resonance in others around money. Lynn recognizes a three-fold strategy of wealth management, the hard skills of money management, soft skills where values underlying money are cohesive and clear, and principles of giving back; she recognizes that money is much more than being able to balance a budget, and that true wealth runs deeper than any chequebook. She brings this philosophy into her consulting, challenging those she works with to think deeper and plan broader. Financial success is all about congruity and integrity and giving back to others.

In June 2011 Lynn began her own consulting business helping clients as their Financial Management Consultant and/or Outsourced  Controller and is based out of Vancouver, BC.