Mission, Outcomes, Values

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Our Mission

To Bring Clarity and Growth to Your Business

By providing strategic insight and knowledgeable expertise to business, we use financial management skill sets to achieve increased clarity and growth.

Our success will be measured by our ability to provide the highest standard of excellence and value to our clients.

We develop people by inspiring creativity and collaboration that ultimately improves quality and customer service.

Our Outcomes

  • To draw out the best in our clients and staff, that they:
    • Feel empowered to meet new challenges and understand new concepts
    • Are creative and resourceful problem solvers
    • Meet and exceed their business outcomes, goals, objectives
  • Be a supportive change agent
  • Share our knowledge and experience
  • Demonstrate servant leadership
  • Provide insightful observations and recommendations

Our Values


At Elm Consulting our priority is integrity where consistency in values and outcomes creates strong foundations and delivers what is in the best interest of our clients.

With authenticity, clear ethics, as well as truthfulness as revealed through the accuracy of one’s actions, integrity is the bedrock of best business practices.

We believe that with kindness and honesty, we are all empowered towards a ‘job well done’, resulting in excellence in action.


By responding to our client’s present or futures needs, Elm Consulting thrives on what may not be so immediately evident:

      • love of humanity
      • private initiatives for public good
      • focus on quality of life for all individuals

While profitability certainly remains one of our goals, we also firmly believe in the virtue of giving freely without expecting anything in return, whether the commitment involves time, money, talents, or just aiding someone in need with deliberate intention.

Corporate Sustainability

At Elm Consulting we are committed to formulating strategies that build your company and the community around it. Recognizing that a business is far more than just the simple exchange of resources, we strive to foster longevity through transparency, employee developments and resource efficiency.
These include:

      • Corporate Responsibility – To align the business strategy with that of the society and environments within which they operate
      • Stewardship – responsible planning and management of resources
      • Wellness – ensuring management and staff are positioned to function to the best of their ability
      • Business – being profitable so you don’t compromise the ability of your future