Our Approach

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As your peer and partner; during our initial consultation we will:

  • listen and learn about your business
  • identify your particular challenges and difficulties
  • ask ourselves; What do we want?, What do we need?  What will we do?
  • create an action plan and deliverables

We create a safe place to share what’s on your mind, listening to your thoughts and concerns.  We’ll do our very best to give you not just the advice you want, but the advice you need. And, If we don’t have the answer for you, we probably know someone who does through our strategic alliances with a variety of business professionals.  All this and more gives us a working feel for the nature of your business and helps us to adapt to best suite your needs.

We will make recommendations towards creating greater efficiencies, and towards increasing your bottom line, as we:

  • identify core issues
  • evaluate and analyze
  • suggest possible solutions & implementations
  • monitor process

Depending on your specific type of business, from the service industry to professional services to retail business, we have insights and strategic tools that we will pass on to you and your staff.  With experience in accounting, technology, human resources, management and organizational structure, Elm Consulting passes on what we know to you, so your business can continue to expand and improve under your management.


Helping business owners grow their business and enjoy what they do.