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Strategic thinking and planning is key to the health of your business. At Elm Consulting we have found that when it comes to the success rate of workflows, much evidence shows up in your financial statements. We find that most businesses that are profitable revolve around the placement and empowerment of their people.

If at the end of the day Elm Consulting has:

  • empowered your people to love what they once hated and to effectively manage their work-loads
  • extended insight into improving your work-flows and work spaces
  • left you with your bottom line improved
  • fine-tuned your processes to be streamlined and clean
  • set you on solid ground with financial reports healthy and strong

We all will have succeeded.

This is accomplished through any combination of Consulting with AccountEdge Small Business Accounting Software, Financial Management Consulting, or acting as your Outsourced Controller.  Taking the time to look at further details about what each one of these offer you, is an investment well spent.

At Elm, we specialize in AccountEdge Small Business Accounting Software.  AccountEdge is multi-platform (mac/windows), multi-currency and network ready.  Ask us more!

By providing strategic insight and knowledgeable expertise to business, we use financial management skill sets to achieve increased clarity and growth.